E’ a proposito dello sciopero in Egitto, di cui si parla qui e qui

Io oggi ho lavorato un mucchio, sono stanca e domattina mi devo alzare presto: non ho davvero voglia di mettermi a tradurre.
Però volevo postarla, questa cosa, perché se il blogger ha ragione il comportamento della Reuters è davvero da segnalare.
Le sottolineature sono mie.
Confido nell’inglese di chi legge.

Reuters… You are Liars

Published by Hossam el-Hamalawy September 27th, 2007 in Egypt, Activism, Human Rights, Labor, Economy, Police شرطة

Someone just forwarded me this report by Reuters… It’s in Arabic, and I haven’t seen the English version of it yet…
Reuters is writing that according to “an eyewitness” the workers in the factory have prepared “boxes of benzine and solar so as to set the company on fire if the security troops tried to disband the sit-in by force.” The same “witness” said the workers were “using their kids as human shields last night against a possible security raid.”

This is the interior ministry speaking… not a professional wires services.. NONE of this is happening… This is what the government propagandists were saying, but according to the labor activists and the workers leaders I spoke with in the factory, these are LIES… And as someone who’s been following the labor movement, I can safely say this is a LIE… Reuters, shame on you… In every single textile strike, in ever single strike that happens in the major factories, there are teams formed right away to patrol the factory and make sure no sabotage happened. Anyone who’s stationed inside the factory will tell you so..!

And it intrigues me that these accusations are EXACTLY what the government says before smashing strikes… “We received information that the strikers were about to set the factory to fire, so we had to intervene.. Oh, and the children and women we killed (like those in 1994 in Kafr el-Dawwar), we couldn’t help it, they were being used as human shields to protest the terrorist strikers inside the factory.

One labor activist I called inside the factory to read him the Reuters report, literally had a nervous breakdown: “Who is the son of $%#@ who wrote this report?! I can’t believe this! I can’t believe this! You’d expect this from Al-Ahram or Al-Gomhorriya, but from Reuters!!?! From Reuters!?” And then he kept on levelling the worst insults against Reuters, describing the writer of the report as a “police informer.”

Thanks Reuters… Keep up the great professional reporting, you bloody liars….

Aggiornamento: mi sa che stanno avendo un Ramadan pesante, in Egitto.
In piazza Talat Harb al Cairo, mazzate della polizia e arresti alla manifestazione di Kefaya a favore degli scioperanti e della libertà di stampa.