Avevo iniziato questo post per lasciare traccia, su questo blog, di un momento che il popolo egiziano meritava. Si è trasformato nel racconto di qualcosa che, in questo momento, sta facendo molta paura.  Qualcuno ha definito gli avvenimenti di stasera, per come sono stati preparati e per come si sono succeduti, come “tortura emozionale e psicologica di un popolo”. Non credo che esistano definizioni migliori.

L’ultima volta che Suleiman e Mubarak si sono espressi come stasera, il Cairo si è trasformato in un inferno. L’invito di Suleiman ad “andare a casa e non ascoltare le TV satellitari” suona sinistro, come è già successo, e con ragione, in passato. Il suo non è stato un discorso, è stato una minaccia.

Hanno fatto questo alla vigilia di un Venerdì. Non so in cosa vogliano trasformare la rivolta pacifica di un popolo. Qualunque cosa vogliano fare, c’è solo da pregare che i quadri e le truppe dell’esercito non li seguano. Ci sono sere in cui, davvero, c’è solo da pregare e basta, ad esserne capaci.

(I tweet sono in ordine inverso, dal più nuovo al più vecchio. Il primo – quello di Sandmonkey in fondo – è delle 8 di sera, più o meno. L’ultimo, subito qua sotto, è di circa mezz’ora dopo il discorso di Suleiman. Domani li tradurrò in italiano.)

Now: protesters in Alex surround army head quarters chanting: “R U protecting people or R U protecting the dog?” #Egypt

The people of #Egypt have these weapons: civility, communication, determination, and integrity! #Freedom4Egypt!

#Tahrir protesters chant ‘Where is the army, where is the army’ – a call for officers to stage a coup? #Egypt #Jan25

We have to keep it PEACEFUL ! We r doing this because we love#Egypt first. #fuckmubarak #jan25

US Official re; Mubarak Speech “Not what we were told would happen, not what we wanted to happen”:

#mubarak if u ever loved this country, you gotta go #egypt #jan25

Let me clarify somethinf. We r not leaving tahrir square, we are adding TV building to the liberated zone #Jan25

Egyptain Army is backing Mubarak AND Sulieman @CNNattempting to find out who said Mubarak was going to resign, can’t find it. #egypt

“People are willing to die for freedom” Protester in Tahrir Square. “Death or Freedom, and we will have Freedom”. #Mubarak #Egypt

seifito RT @Camel25Jan: bros&sisters NO violence!there is no enemy on the street!we take tv and palace but friendly.we are right hi is wrong #Egypt

“I think we are approaching a moment when the army will have to make a real choice on the ground.”

Revolutions are processes. They evolve. This could go anywhere.#Egypt #Mubarak

Hundreds of protestors have peeled away from Tahrir. They are marching either to presidential palace or TV headquarters. #Egypt

I want to know what impact this will have on the region. I want to hear from Obama. I want to hear the UAE govt’s assessment of this.#Egypt

A man who blamed Al Jazeera for revolution and not his people’s demands for freedom is not the man to lead #Egypt towards democracy #Jan25

Listening to Egypt’s Vice President blaming foreign media for country’s destabilization. #CrazyTalk #Jan25

Suleiman, a top military and intelligence official, tells protesters to go home. That could well pave the way for a crackdown. #Egypt

Suleiman: “Go back to your houses, go back to your work” “Do not listen to the satellite stations” that want to “weaken #Egypt

#CNN ‘s Fareed Zakaria: #Mubarak seems to be trying to bait protesters into violence. #EGYPT

Why do more people have to die?? This will get bloody before we know it, and the great people of #Egypt r determined to finish him off

#Egypt Question. How does that fit with what the Army was saying earlier? It doesn’t.

Mubarack is doing whatever he can to incite violence. Don’t take the bait! Stay with your truth and the power of your cause. #egypt

People in #Tahrir r thinking to go to the presidential palace NOW!! #Jan25 #Egypt

In Alex several thousands heading to storm the military base! ANGER! #Egypt #Jan25

Not only is #Mubarak delusional but he’s a bloody sadist who’s pushing #Egypt to the edge. He should’ve just shut up. Sadist.

Did they spread rumors on purpose so the military will be able to “justify” what happens next?

Psychological/emotional manipulation. don’t b surprised if another disappointing speech by #Mubarak or one of his gangsters! #Jan25

Guess what..tomorrow is Friday. And Friday night in the Muslim World can be a volatile time #egypt #mubarak

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.” John F. Kennedy #egypt #jan25

Millions of protesters in Cairo are screaming at the top of his lungs for Mubarak to leave. #egypt #jan25

This is going to get very fucking ugly very quickly. #Jan25 #Egypt

#Egypt A COMMITTEE… He really did say that. He’s going to form a cmmtee.

Very worried. This has been a relatively peaceful revolution so far. How much more of this can #Egypt take? #Jan25 #Mubarak#Mubarakspeech

this cant end well tonight #jan25 #egypt

Words which may summon a Military Coup: “I will continue to shoulder my responsibilities until free and fair elections” #Mubarak#Egypt

    E poi sugli schermi è apparso Mubarak.

  • Is arguing with Soliman whether its called “Brother Muslimhood” or “Muslim Brotherhood” #ReasonsMubarakisLate
  • When you’re a hated former dictator, getting a cab is a lot harder than you’d think.#ReasonsMubarakIsLate
  • “You mean NOW? I’m supposed to leave now?! I thought we agreed on September!!” #ReasonsMubarakIsLate
  • #reasonsmubarakislate He pissed off Egyptians for 30 years, what’s stopping him from doing it one last time?
  • (Arabawi)
    The word “revolutionary” is not exclusive anymore to “activists.” Every Egyptian citizen is a revolutionary today. #Jan25
  • Of course 10 pm means anything between 11 pm and 1 am here in Egypt. Or maybe we’re looking at military precision? #Jan25
  • RT: @Remroum Changing the system from Chief Despot to Cheif Torturer is NOT change. Egyptians have been CLEAR! #Egypt#Mubarak #Jan25
  • RT @bencnn: The change in State TV’s tone is fascinating. Is Information Minister Anas Al-Fiqi still in control? #Tahrir #Egypt#Jan25
    Today in Tahrir I saw a man talking to his 2-year old girl saying: “I was your age when he came to power!” #jan25
  • Hey, those of you who pray, step up your prayers for #Egypt. Major things going down here. Pray 4 Peace, Freedom, Unity. #Jan25 #fb
  • (Questo è Arabawi) @Firas_Atraqchi only fools r cheering the military takeover. That changes NOTHING! The revolution continues. #Jan25
  • #egypt After #jan25 : Israel isn’t the Only Democracy in the Middle East anymore
  • Like it or Not, Egypt is making history and the Egyptian youth are proud of their ethnicity for the first time in their lives #Tahrir #Jan25
  • You know the regime is on its way out when people start resigning from NDP and going on AJE to say it. #Egypt #Jan25
  • Uninstalling dictator in progress … please wait!! ███████████████████████████░ …99% complete#Egypt #Jan25 #Tahrir #Mubarak
  • Driving thru Cairo traffic.People already beeping horns & waving V for victory signs. #jan25 #egypt #fb
  • marwameRT @jnoubiyeh: People protesting in #Tahrir Square are clear: “No to#Mubarak! No to #Suleiman#Egypt will be free!” #Jan25
  • Crowd in Tahrir Square just chanted “civil, civil, not military!” we don’t want Mubarak to hand over to military rule #Egypt #Tahrir
  • The crowds are going crazy here at Tahrir! People are passing out sweets, patting each other on back, and chanting non stop! #jan25
  • Tonight’s prayer of Egyptians, Arabs, and all democracy activists: “tomorrow’s rally is a celebration of freedom.” #Egypt #Tahrir #jan26
  • #Jan25 – #Feb10 all over world ppl feel this is the night for#FreeEgypt , ppl in #Tahrir are already free, now its time for rest of#Egypt
  • Mubarak is giving a speech tonight, either he will step down or he will tell us that he’s pregnant #egypt #jan25 #tahrir
  • Mona Eltahawy@monaeltahawyMona Eltahawy If #Mubarak really gone, huge MABROUK to brave sisters and brothers in #Egypt but revolution was vs regime, not just Mubarak #Jan25
  • EngyG Engy Ghozlan da monaeltahawy The streets are EMPTY! everyone holding their breath…rabena yestor.
  • Sultan Al Qassemi@SultanAlQassemiSultan Al Qassemi Al Jazeera Mubasher breaking: NBC: Mubarak will step down tonight #Jan25
  • ZeinobiaRT @Messrologist: The Supreme Command Council Convened without Mubarak unequivocally means they have acknowledged the legitimacy of the revolution #jan25
  • RT @AhmedSoliman: Yes PLEASE RT @Ghonim Guys, dont do much speculations for now. Just wait and see#Jan25
  • Sandmonkey su Twitter: We dunno if this is good news yet. If u believe in god, its time to pray