Tipo sveglio, Nasrallah.


[…]I would not deny that Hizballah’s wish is to establish an Islamic Republic system one day, because Hizballah believes that establishing an Islamic government is the only way to bring stability to a society and is the only way to settle social differences, even in a society that is composed of numerous minorities. Nevertheless, establishing an Islamic Republic is not possible with force and resistance. It requires a national referendum. A referendum that wins 51 percent of the vote is still not the solution. What it needs is a referendum for which 90 percent of the people vote. Hence, with this assumption, and in view of the status quo, establishing an Islamic Republic system in Lebanon is not possible at the present time.[…]

(Da un profilo personale scritto da Nasrallah stesso e pubblicato sulla stampa iraniana, via Ugarte. Sotto, Nasrallah visto da Baha Boukhari.)